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About Us

SR-22 Adviser is here to help drivers with less-than-perfect records get back on the road. In the United States, operating a motor vehicle is not a luxury but a daily staple that accesses basic amenities like work, school, and grocery shopping.

As your SR-22 expert, we are here to educate you on the process and answer any questions so you can drive legally and safely.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22, also known as a “financial responsibility filing” or a “certificate of insurance,” is an endorsement that most state DMVs require for high-risk drivers to obtain vehicle liability insurance.

When a driver receives a state- or court-ordered SR-22, insurance agencies consider them to be “high risk.” Most people who are issued this document have had a DUI or DWI, drove without insurance or license, had repeat traffic violations, or were involved in too many at-fault accidents.

These incidents make it hard to be covered by standard auto insurance plans. But since driving is the key to independence and accessing amenities, people with less-than-perfect records need to get back behind the wheel for the best quality lifestyle.

While a cheap SR-22 isn’t always available, it’s possible to find coverage that fits within your budget until you become a lower-risk driver. Overall, it’s a valuable bridge toward freedom and a more convenient lifestyle.

How to Get SR-22 Insurance

After you get the orders to obtain SR-22 insurance, you have two options. If you have an existing plan, call your insurance company. Your insurer can potentially add the SR-22 to your policy. If you don’t have a policy or your current insurer doesn’t offer SR-22 coverage, you can start a new plan. To save time, call an SR-22 Adviser insurance agent and inform them that you have an SR-22.

Since many companies don’t offer SR-22 insurance, working with an agent cuts out a lot of potential hassle. By having access to the most accurate and competitive quotes from stable providers, you can find a plan and get your SR-22 document so you can get covered as soon as possible.

Why an SR-22 Matters

Without an SR-22, it’s impossible for drivers with imperfect records to get behind the wheel legally. The risks of driving without insurance are high in many states, including fines, extended license suspensions, or even jail time.

Infractions like these can make it more challenging to regain your driver’s license. Not to mention, fines and court fees can add up and cause financial hardship. By taking the proactive and responsible step of getting legal SR-22 insurance, you can make a path toward an independent future.

Get Back on the Road

In the U.S., driving is a part of life. If you have had a hard time getting your car insured so you can get behind the wheel again, contact us. Our insurance partner can help you find the best SR-22 insurance plan at the lowest price possible. Give us a call or get an online quote.

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