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Transitioning to a Scooter: A Money-Saving Guide for SR-22 Insurance Holders 

After being charged with a DUI or another infraction requiring SR-22 insurance, driving a car may no longer be your most cost-effective option. Although mopeds and motorized scooters may still require you to have a license and insurance, they’re often much more affordable.  

Switching to a scooter can help you save money and stay on the right track as you work through the restrictions of your DUI probationary period. Before buying your own scooter, make sure you understand the basics of insuring your scooter to avoid any further issues. 

Kickstart Your Scooter Journey 

If you no longer have a car or can’t afford your car insurance after an SR-22 is applied, a moped or scooter can be useful for getting around. Many people start riding scooters after a DUI to meet their insurance requirements on a budget.  

Mopeds and electric scooters have much lower maximum speeds than cars, so there’s typically less risk involved with a moped compared to a car. 

DUIs, Mopeds, and Scooters: Everything You Need To Know 

Scooters and mopeds were once popular after a DUI because you didn’t need a driver’s license to operate them if they had a small enough engine. However, many states have changed their laws to require you to have a license. If you’ve had your license suspended or repealed after a DUI, it’s critical to check your state’s laws about operating a scooter or moped without a license. 

It’s also important to note that driving mopeds and scooters still counts as operating a motor vehicle in most areas. This means that you can get a DUI or DWI if you drive a scooter while under the influence. Even though mopeds are slower and less powerful than cars, they can still cause an accident if you choose to drive while intoxicated.  

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, make sure you’re fully sober before you start the engine. 

Do You Need an SR-22 for a Scooter? 

The answer is yes. Once you ensure that you meet the basic requirements to drive a moped, you’ll need to secure insurance. SR-22 forms can apply to any form of motor vehicle, which includes mopeds and scooters. If you have an SR-22 because of a DUI or other restriction, you’ll need to meet SR-22 requirements for your scooter just as you would if you had a car. However, the minimum insurance for a scooter can be much more affordable than car insurance. 

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Knowing Your 2-Wheeled Buddy: Mopeds Versus Scooters 

Mopeds and scooters are both motorized, limited-use vehicles that can have two or three wheels. Although they’re similar, they do have some distinctions. Typically, mopeds are slower and more efficient than scooters. The maximum engine size is only 50 cubic centimeters (cc), and their maximum speed is around 30 miles per hour. As a result, mopeds are ideal for driving around city streets and side roads. Due to their speed limitations, you aren’t allowed to drive mopeds on the highway. 

Scooters, on the other hand, are more powerful than mopeds. They have a similar design but can have engines up to 250 cc. They can reach highway speeds because they’re equipped with stronger engines. However, some states only allow you to operate scooters up to a certain speed, even if they can go faster. Certain states also ban scooters from highways, while others may be allowed on the interstate if they meet certain requirements. You may also need to secure a motorcycle license if you have a more powerful scooter. 

Carefully studying your state’s laws can help you determine which type of moped or scooter is right for you. Be sure to register your scooter or moped if required by state law and keep up with maintenance requirements to ensure your scooter is street legal. 

How To Find the Cheapest Moped and Scooter Insurance 

If you’re switching to a scooter or moped to save money, shopping around for your scooter and moped insurance is important. You may want to look for an insurer that specializes in working with people who need SR-22 insurance and can offer cheap scooter insurance that meets the requirements of your DUI restrictions. When driving a scooter with an SR-22, you must at least meet the minimum coverage requirements in your state. 

Factors That Influence Scooter Insurance Premiums 

The cost of the insurance premium for your scooter is based on several factors, just like standard car insurance. Your age, state, driving record, and average mileage can all impact your rate. If you have a DUI and require SR-22 insurance, this can also increase the cost of your insurance 

However, mopeds and scooters are usually much less valuable than cars, so they can be much more affordable to insure. Scooters and mopeds are usually covered under motorcycle policies, so taking motorcycle safety courses and getting a motorcycle license may also make you eligible for discounts on your insurance. 

When picking out your scooter or moped, keep your insurance costs in mind. More expensive, powerful scooters will likely be more expensive to insure than cheaper models with lower speed limits and more safety features. 

Why You Need Scooter Insurance 

Scooter insurance doesn’t just help you meet the legal requirements of your SR-22. It also protects you in the event of an accident. Having basic liability coverage can help you avoid costly payouts if you’re in an accident. You may also want to explore full-coverage options to give you more peace of mind when you take your scooter for a drive. 

Getting Affordable SR-22 Insurance for Your Moped 

If you’re ready to get back on the road with your moped or scooter, the SR-22 Adviser team is here to help. Because SR-22 Adviser specializes in DUI insurance, you’ll be able to effortlessly find the right policy for you. Contact our partner site for a quote. 

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