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How DUI Classes Can Influence Your SR-22 Insurance Rates

After you get convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), your insurance rates will probably go up significantly. But that doesn’t mean you’re locked in with high rates forever, especially if you take a DUI class to lower your premiums. By taking DUI courses while you have SR-22 insurance, you may be able to decrease your rates and get on the path to affordable coverage. 

Understanding SR-22 Insurance and DUI Implications 

Once you get a DUI, you will be considered a high-risk driver. As a result, most states will require you to file a certificate of financial responsibility, also known as an SR-22 form, to prove that you have the required insurance coverage. The guidelines can vary by state, but you usually have to maintain your SR-22 insurance for two or three years. 

Because of your increased risk, your coverage rates will probably go up. How much a DUI raises your car insurance depends on your carrier and your driving record. Some insurers may even terminate your policy after learning that you recently got a DUI. Once you find a provider and inform them that you need to file an SR-22, they’ll help you find a compliant policy and submit the form on your behalf every time you renew your plan. In some cases, you may need to pay for your six-month premium upfront. 

Along with your policy restrictions and initial fines, you may have other requirements in your court order, such as installing an ignition interlock device in your car. Drug and alcohol classes are also a common requirement. Taking these courses shows that you’re serious about changing your habits and driving safely in the future. 

The Role of DUI Classes in Rehabilitation 

DUI courses, also known as DUI school or alcohol education classes, are courses that educate people about the dangers of driving under the influence and provide strategies for avoiding repeat offenses. These courses can include topics such as: 

  • How drugs and alcohol impact your driving ability. 
  • The legal consequences of repeat DUI charges. 
  • Tips for drinking responsibly. 
  • How to think rationally and make better decisions in the future. 
  • The impact of drunk driving on victims. 

Completing these courses can make you more aware of the consequences of drunk driving and encourage you to be more responsible. They can also be helpful tools for identifying any deeper issues with drugs and alcohol. 

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How Successfully Completing DUI Classes Can Affect Your SR-22 Insurance 

Many insurers offer discounts for drivers who complete DUI classes. Because DUI courses encourage safe driving habits and can decrease repeat offenses, this can lower your risk to insurers, helping you earn a lower premium. Discounts can vary, but finishing a course could save you up to 15% on your premiums. 

Be sure to ask your provider about which classes will qualify you for a discount. Some insurers will only require you to complete a standard defensive driving course, while others may ask for a certificate from a specific drug and alcohol education program. You can get started by searching for “DUI class near me” or asking your insurer which courses qualify. 

Even if your insurer doesn’t provide a discount, DUI courses can still be beneficial in the long term. If these classes are part of your court order, completing them in a timely manner can help you quickly get your license back after a DUI. Once you complete your SR-22 requirement, you may qualify for lower rates. Fulfilling all legal requirements and taking DUI courses is a great way to maximize your chances of a discount. 

Steps To Take After Completing DUI Classes 

Once you graduate from DUI school, you only have to take a few other steps to lower your rates. These include the following. 

Submit Your Certificate 

Send proof that you completed your classes to your insurer. Then, they’ll determine if you qualify for any discounts. 

Look for Other Discounts 

You may also qualify for other discounts after getting a DUI. When looking for cheap SR-22 insurance online, look for other ways to save. For example, some insurers will offer a better rate if you put an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. 

Drive Safely 

Focus on following traffic laws and driving safely to avoid legal issues while your license is restricted. Rebuilding safe driving habits is the most important step you can take to lower your insurance rates in the future. 

Get Cheap SR-22 Insurance 

At SR-22 Adviser, we help drivers with DUI convictions find the cheapest rates possible. Because we specialize in insuring high-risk drivers, we can quickly determine which discounts you qualify for and get you the coverage you need. Just visit our partner’s website for a free quote to start saving with SR-22 Adviser today. 

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