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Affordable car insurance with a DUI

Life after a DUI can be a real challenge. There are legal fees, jail or probation, and disruptions to your personal and professional life. Finding DUI insurance may seem like just another challenge to overcome, but there is a way to find an affordable policy that works for you.

Understanding DUI Insurance

To understand DUI insurance, it’s worth noting that terms like “DUI insurance” and SR-22 insurance” are actually both colloquial names for high-risk insurance.

After you get a serious traffic charge, the court will require you to carry an SR-22 form to get back on the road. Your insurance company fills this form out as proof that you have insurance, and it lets the state know you are financially responsible for any damages you may cause on the road. Furthermore, it will automatically notify the state if you change cars or lapse on your insurance.

In the case of most first offenses, the court may order you to carry an SR-22 along with your high-risk/DUI insurance policy for a minimum of three years. After your insurer fills out the form and files it with the state, your activity will be monitored. That means if you cancel your car insurance policy or stop paying your premiums at any point during that time period, you could have your license revoked and have to start the process from scratch.

Clearly, a DUI comes with its own set of headaches. But DUI insurance should be thought of as a helping hand instead of another problem. DUI insurance is there to get you back on the road even when you are categorized as high-risk by insurers. At SR-22 Adviser, we give you all the help you need to track down the best DUI insurance in your region.

The Benefits of DUI Insurance

Finding cheap DUI insurance can feel like a challenge, but we are here to make sure it’s accessible to you.

The main challenge with this process is balancing it with other stressful processes such as paying for legal fees and court fines. Being proactive is key here. If you do not pay these fees, they will only pile up and become worse later — you can always set up a payment plan to pay them off over time if you can’t take care of them all at once.

It is also important to be as transparent as possible with your insurer. This will save you time and get you the most accurate policy quote. Let them know what you’ve been convicted of and what steps you’re taking to get back in good standing.

How Long Will I Need DUI Insurance?

Most states require you to have an SR-22 for three years minimum, though longer periods are required for more serious offenses.

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The Reasons You Might Need It

In most states, the court will order an SR-22 when a driver has committed a serious traffic crime or offense. The driver is usually allowed to apply for DUI/SR-22 insurance when they may otherwise not be allowed to drive. This means you can begin to work toward regaining your driving privileges after license suspension or revocation.

The most common reasons you would need an SR-22 include:

1. A DUI

Driving under the influence is one of the most serious charges you can get and will almost certainly necessitate an SR-22. This is why SR-22-backed insurance policies are commonly referred to as DUI insurance. If you get a DUI or a DWI (driving while intoxicated) on your record, you can expect the court to order you to have SR-22 on record before you get back behind the wheel.

2. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is another serious charge and involves wanton or dangerous disregard for traffic laws. DUI or SR-22 insurance is commonly required after a reckless driving conviction. Thus, the same high-risk insurance policy can also be applied to reckless driving or negligent driving charges. An SR-22 will help you return to the road so you can demonstrate better driving behavior and start rebuilding your driving record.

3. Driving While Uninsured

It is illegal on both the federal and state levels alike to drive without insurance. While a first offense for driving without insurance is usually a misdemeanor charge, most states treat subsequent offenses more harshly. They can lead to larger fines and even jail time.

The situation escalates if you happen to cause an accident while driving without insurance. Courts will typically enact stricter penalties in this case, particularly if the accident causes significant property damage, injury, or death to a passenger in another vehicle or your own. The reason for this stricter punishment is that not having insurance puts both you and other parties in significant financial peril.

4. Suspended/Revoked License

It’s possible that your license could be suspended or revoked after a serious DUI charge. Restoring your driving privileges means you’ll need to shop for DUI insurance in your state.

There will likely be other requirements you’ll need to meet in order to regain your driver’s license. One common mandate is attending and passing a defensive driving class, which can also help lower your insurance rates. After you’ve passed the test, you will need to have your insurance company fill out an SR-22 form.

If you have gotten a DUI, it’s likely that you’ll need to attend alcohol-related courses. The court can also place other requirements on you in order to progress, but these will vary by state and by the discretion of the judge. You can also expect higher fees to have your paperwork processed in the case of alcohol-related offenses.

5. You Are Driving With a Hardship License

After a DUI, having your vehicle impounded and your license taken away can negatively impact your daily life. After all, you still need to get to work or school, the grocery store, and to your kids’ commitments.

In this case, you may be eligible for a hardship license. Also known as a restricted license, this type of driver’s permit allows you to drive between a specific set of agreed-upon locations even when you are not otherwise allowed to drive.

You won’t be able to apply for this type of permit during the hard suspension period after your conviction, which typically lasts about a month. You cannot drive at all during a hard suspension. However, you are eligible to apply as soon as it’s over.

Is DUI Insurance More Expensive?

In general, you can expect to pay about twice as much for DUI insurance than regular insurance. Different states can have extremely different prices for both regular and high-risk insurance. For instance, SR-22 insurance in Michigan costs over 3.5 times as much as it does in Oregon.

Regardless of where you live, shopping around with various insurers is the number one way to save money on DUI insurance. This lets you find the high-risk policy that best suits your needs and your budget.

What Is the Cheapest DUI Insurance?

SR-22 Adviser is here to help you find the most affordable SR-22 insurance in your state. We know how complex it can be to understand the wide variety of policies available, and seeking out the most affordable option is much easier with our help.

A great option for anyone who doesn’t own a car is non-owners SR-22 insurance. This type of insurance will help you save money if you meet the criteria.

The first criterion is that you cannot own a car. This is a common situation for many motorists after a DUI — why own a depreciating asset when you cannot drive it anyway? However, the second criterion is that no one living in your household can own a car either. This is because insurers know that having a car be too accessible will tempt drivers to use it too often. The ideal situation is to have a friend or family member lend you their car every once in a while to take care of essential tasks.

Finally, if the state has ordered you to use an ignition interlock breathalyzer device, you are not eligible to have a non-owners DUI insurance policy.

Non-owners SR-22 insurance is more affordable due to some simple math — the less time you spend on the road, the lower your risk of getting in an accident. That means you’ll be paying lower premiums. As you shop around for the best option for you, be sure to see how non-owner policies compare.

Let SR-22 Adviser Help

SR-22 Adviser is not only your resource for understanding DUI insurance—we can also help you navigate the expansive marketplace to find the cheapest DUI insurance possible. That means you can get back on track sooner. Contact our insurance partner today to get a quote.