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6 Myths Behind the SR-22 (and the Truth Behind Them) 

What if you didn’t really understand a form that can change your life? 

For drivers, the SR-22 affects important things like how they drive and how much they pay for car insurance. Despite this, many drivers (including those who currently have an SR-22) don’t know enough about this form, and that has caused weird myths to arise. 

We’re here to bust those myths. Keep reading to discover the truth behind each myth and the truth about the SR-22. 

1. SR-22 Is a Type of Insurance 

The biggest myths about the SR-22 center on “SR-22 insurance.” For example, many people think this is a separate and specialized type of car insurance. In reality, SR-22 is not insurance at all, but a certificate that is filed with your state by your insurance company. 

Others think that SR-22 insurance will replace their regular auto insurance forever. However, once you have your SR-22 removed, your regular insurance prices should go down. Nothing keeps you from getting a different insurance plan with a different carrier before or after you have the SR-22 removed. 

2. The SR-22 Form Doesn’t Matter If You Change States 

Originally, you must file the SR-22 with the DMV of the state you live in. Therefore, some drivers think that the form stops mattering if they should relocate to another state. 

In reality, you must maintain the SR-22 form no matter what state you move to. Since the SR-22 requires continuous car insurance coverage, it’s important to make sure your current insurance coverage is available in the state you are about to move to. Otherwise, it is crucial that you get new car insurance before you make the move. 

3. SR-22 Insurance Is Permanent 

Having an SR-22 on file can raise your car insurance rates quite a bit. Because of this, some drivers are understandably worried that their SR-22 insurance is permanent. 

Fortunately, the SR-22 form only lasts a certain amount of time. The standard amount of time is three years, though it is possible for a form to be required for five years or more. We recommend checking the fine print on your paperwork and contacting your DMV if you have any questions. 

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4. You Won’t Find Affordable Insurance with the SR-22 

The fact that the SR-22 causes your auto insurance to increase is very well-known. This has led to the myth that drivers simply won’t be able to find affordable insurance with the SR-22. 

This isn’t true. While you will pay a higher rate for the kind of coverage you once had, you can always change coverage amounts to make the insurance more affordable. More importantly, nothing keeps you from switching to a new insurance carrier. Whether you have an SR-22 on file or not, nothing helps you save money on car insurance more than switching to a new carrier with more competitive rates. 

5. The SR-22 Requires Separate Monthly Payments 

The fact that the SR-22 can make your car insurance expensive is something of an open secret. This eventually turned into a myth that the SR-22 requires monthly payments that are separate from your typical auto insurance premium. 

The good news is that this myth isn’t true. The only real separate cost is the cost to file the SR-22 form, and that cost is usually $50 or less. Otherwise, the extra costs are simply increased insurance premiums because carriers now consider you to be a more dangerous driver. 

6. SR-22 Keeps You from Losing Driving Privileges 

When the court decides you need to file an SR-22, they sometimes emphasize you must file this form to restore your driving privileges. Eventually, this led to the odd myth that once your SR-22 is on file, it’s impossible to lose your driving privileges. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The SR-22’s primary function is to make sure you have at least the minimum amount of car insurance required by the state (usually liability insurance). While you have the SR-22 on file, it is possible to be convicted of other driving violations and face various consequences, including having your driver’s license revoked. 

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