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How to Get Your Driver’s License Reinstated 

You never realize how much you rely on your driver’s license until it gets suspended. Just like that, you need to find new ways to get to work, the grocery store, and everywhere else. 

Those who have their driver’s license suspended usually have one question: How can I get it reinstated? However, the answer to that question is dependent on a variety of factors, including which state you are in and the reason your license was suspended. 

Fortunately, there is still hope! We’ve put together this guide to getting your license reinstated. Keep reading to discover exactly what you need to do! 

Why Does Your License Get Suspended?  

In most cases, the state will suspend your drivers license for something you can fix. Once you fix whatever it is, you can get your license back. 

For example, some people have their license suspended for not paying child support or not showing up to court after they get a moving violation. For that matter, some licenses get revoked because drivers don’t pay their fines or lack the minimum amount of insurance they are legally required to have. 

These are all correctable and once you have paid your child support, paid your fines or have proof of insurance, you can most likely get your license reinstated. 

An exception to this is if a license gets revoked because a driver is convicted of a DUI or DWI. If this happens, and the driver is required to file an SR-22 with the state, the process to getting a drivers license reinstated is longer and a little more complicated. 

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Getting SR-22 Insurance 

You’ll need to find an insurance company that offers insurance to high-risk drivers. Once you’ve been convicted of anything that requires you to file an SR-22, you will be considered a high-risk driver. Not all insurance companies handle this type of insurance, but many do. 

SR-22 insurance refers to a certificate an insurance company files with the state to let them know that a driver has the minimum amount of liability insurance required. This form often follows a conviction for DUI or DWI, multiple traffic offenses, reckless driving, and more that puts a driver in the high-risk category. 

So when you file an SR-22 through your insurance company, what you are really doing is reassuring the state that you were able to find at least the minimum amount of coverage required by law. You won’t be able to get your license reinstated until you have an SR-22 on file (or, in Florida and Virginia, an FR-44). 

How Long Will the SR-22 Last? 

Generally 3-5 years, depending on the state and the offense. The SR-22 can be annoying for many reasons. The most obvious is that your cost of car insurance will go up as long as you have the SR-22 on file. If you have to file an SR-22, you won’t get your license back until you file the form. It’s important to check with your insurance company and verify exactly how long you must have the form on file.  

Does the SR-22 Go Away On Its Own? 

The short answer to this question is no. After you get SR-22 insurance and get your license reinstated, it is up to you to pay attention to how much time has gone by. Once you have fulfilled all of the requirements of your SR-22, you need to contact your insurance carrier. 

When you contact them, tell your carrier you no longer need SR-22 coverage. Your carrier should drop the coverage, report to the state and, hopefully, adjust your insurance cost. 

Get Multiple Quotes For SR-22 Insurance 

The bad news is that having an SR-22 on file means paying more for insurance coverage. The good news is there is something you can do about it! 

As always, we recommend contacting multiple insurance carriers and getting several different quotes. Ultimately, your car insurance will still cost more than you once paid, but getting multiple quotes can help make it more affordable. 

Take the Right Course(s) to Get Your License Reinstated 

Remember when we said there are multiple reasons that your license may get revoked? Depending on the reason, you may have to enroll in and complete a special course before you can get your license reinstated. 

If you were convicted of a DUI or DWI, you might have to complete courses such as special alcohol awareness programs. These courses may take just a few hours or may be a live-in facility. You will be required to pay a separate fee for this. If you have had multiple offenses, the course may be longer, and the fee may be larger. 

If your license was revoked due to certain other moving violations, you might have to complete a defensive driving course. These courses are sometimes available online but may need to be taken in person. You must pay a separate fee to complete this course, and satisfactory completion means demonstrating that you understand proper driving safety rules and regulations. 

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Pay the Relevant Fees 

Once you have met any of the above conditions that apply to your situation, you can apply to have your license reinstated. Just be aware that when you apply, you will need to pay another fee. 

How much you pay depends on where you live and the nature of the offense. Generally, though, this fee ranges anywhere from $50 to $200. You may end up paying a higher cost depending on the circumstances under which your license was revoked. 

Play the Waiting Game 

The last step is to just wait for your paperwork to be processed. Depending on how patient you are, this is either the easiest step or the hardest! 

Exactly how long you must wait depends on where you live. In Florida, for example, you will typically get your license back after 5 to 11 business days. If you have any questions about how long you are likely to wait in your own state, we recommend that you speak with the DMV and/or your insurance carrier. 

Save Money on Your SR-22 Insurance Today 

If you must have an SR-22 on file, you can’t get your license back until you have the right insurance. But how can you find the best insurance coverage that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? 

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