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7 Most Important Insurance Discounts When You Have an SR-22

When drivers are forced to file an SR-22, it can affect their lives in many ways. But the most obvious effect is that it increases the cost of your auto insurance by a large amount. Even worse, you’re stuck paying that amount for at least three years until you no longer have to file the SR-22. 

To save money, many drivers shop around until they find SR-22 insurance that is more affordable. However, it’s possible to experience even bigger savings with the right discounts from your carrier.  

1. Anti-Theft Device Discounts 

In its own way, an anti-theft device discount is one of the easiest ways to save on your premium, both before and after you have an SR-22 on file with the state. That’s because getting the discount is as easy as installing a device in your car and then contacting your carrier. 

In some cases, newer automobiles may come equipped with anti-theft features or car safety features that can still help you get a discount, all without paying anything extra. Even if you must buy a separate device, though, it will soon pay for itself when you start saving each month, and your vehicle will be safer than ever before. 

2. Multi-Policy Discounts 

Do you have multiple types of insurance through the same carrier, or are you willing to switch to a new carrier for all of your coverage needs? In that case, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount, which is more commonly referred to as a bundling discount. 

Think of it this way: Every carrier wants you to use them for as many of your insurance needs as possible, and they’re willing to offer special discounts as an incentive for you to take out multiple policies through them. If you already need something like homeowners coverage on top of your automobile coverage, you can bundle them together and save big each month, which is helpful if getting a DUI has dramatically increased your premium. 

3. Professional Discounts 

One of the more annoying things about getting an SR-22 is that, even if you were a nearly flawless driver before, you may no longer be able to get good driver discounts. But depending on your line of work, you may get a solid discount simply by making a phone call to your carrier. 

Depending on your carrier, you may get discounts for working in fields such as education, law enforcement and fire. By contacting your carrier to discover qualifying professions and then providing proof you are in the said profession, you can start getting a professional discount that will last longer than your SR-22, which is a great way to save money. 

4. Low Mileage Discounts 

Did you know that where you live, down to the zip code, partially determines how much you pay on your car insurance premium? The reason is simple: Your carrier knows how many claims get filed in that area each month. The more you drive in that area, the likelier you are to have to file a claim, so your insurance goes up. 

You could always save on your premium by moving to a safer area, but what more drivers (both those with an SR-22 and those without one) are doing is requesting a low mileage discount when they stop driving as much as they once did. Whether you recently got a work-from-home job or you’re relying more on things like public transit, simply driving on the road less than you did before can help you start saving. 

Fair warning, though: to “prove” you’re driving less than you were before, you may have to consent to the carrier installing a device in your car to help measure your mileage. 

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5. Multi-Car Discounts 

Earlier, we touched on how you can easily save on your premium by bundling different kinds of insurance policies together. But if you have a spouse who has their own car or you have multiple automobiles of your own, then you can easily qualify for a multi-car discount.  

Carriers offer such a discount for the same reason they offer a multi-policy discount: Because it offers customers an incentive to do more business with the carrier. Since you already need to insure each vehicle, you might as well do it through the same carrier and save on each policy. As a bonus, working with one carrier rather than two will simplify the paperwork you have to deal with, and that may be a relief if all the SR-22 paperwork gave you a headache. 

6. Customer Loyalty Discounts 

Whether or not you have an SR-22 on file with the state, you should shop around for auto insurance occasionally to make sure you are getting the best rate. But if you’re happy with your current carrier and have been with them for a while, then it doesn’t hurt to call and request a customer loyalty discount. 

By now, you’ve likely recognized a theme: Because carriers know that you could always switch to another insurance company from month to month, they are willing to offer certain incentives to keep customers around. If you’ve already been with the same carrier for a long time, a loyalty discount gives you a special incentive to stay with them even longer as one of their most valuable customers. 

7. Automatic Payment Discounts 

Pop quiz: Do you sometimes forget to pay your premium on time? If so, consider setting up automatic payments on your policy. 

In addition to the added convenience, most carriers will offer a discount for those who set up automatic payments. Since this is something you’d have to pay anyway, why not get some easy savings to help offset the financial burden of the SR-22? You can set up automatic payments even if you switch carriers because you get a more competitive quote. 

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