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How to Become a Safer Driver after Getting an SR-22 

What if your entire life changed in a single moment? 

This is what it usually feels like for drivers who must file an SR-22 with the state. As soon as the state requires an SR22, these drivers will have more difficulty finding insurance than ever before. Then, when they finally do find insurance, they end up paying way more than they are used to for at least three years. 

It’s best to treat the SR-22 as a kind of “wake-up call” that you need to change certain driving habits. Now, instead of thinking of the SR-22 as an unfair punishment, you can view it as an opportunity to become a safer driver. 

Wondering how to become a safer driver and get your own life back? Keep reading to discover the answer! 

Always Obey the Speed Limit

Obeying the speed limit is a fairly simple rule of the road. If we’re being honest, though, this is a “rule” that countless people break every day! 

If you have an SR-22 on file, it is particularly important to obey the speed limit for a few reasons. One reason is that speeding is a kind of “gateway drug” of bad driving behaviors. Once you get used to casually violating one driving rule, you may be tempted to violate others, and any further moving violations can drive your insurance even higher. 

Speaking of moving violations, keep in mind that a police officer can give you a ticket even if you are “only” one mile above the limit. If you want to become a safer driver, it all starts with playing it safe with speed limits! 

Take a Defensive Driving Course

You might have already had to take a defensive driving course if it was ordered by the court. If not, then voluntarily taking one of these courses is a great way to become a safer driver. 

That is because these courses do more than review the basic rules of the road. They also give you valuable information about the places and times of day you are likeliest to get into an accident. These courses teach you to drive defensively and avoid potential car accidents. 

Remember, any car accident claim will drive your insurance up. If it helps keep your premium down, then a defensive driving course will soon pay for itself! 

Always Avoid Impaired Driving

There are many different reasons you may have to file an SR-22 with the state. However, the most common reasons for the SR-22 are that drivers are convicted of a DUI or DWI. 

It is vitally important that you avoid driving while drunk or otherwise impaired. One of the best ways to do so is to avoid situations when you might be tempted to drive impaired. For example, you should grab a ride with a friend to that upcoming party instead of driving yourself. You should download transit apps like Uber or Lyft so you never have to drive yourself if you are impaired. 

Never Drive Distracted

Would you believe that one of the most common causes of car crashes is in your pocket right now? 

Distracted driving killed 3,142 drivers in 2020 alone. The most common cause of distraction is the cellphone! When drivers are trying to conduct phone calls, respond to texts, or browse social media while driving, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

It’s best to avoid using your cellphone altogether while driving. If you absolutely must make a phone call on the road, be sure to use Bluetooth speakers or another hands-free arrangement so you can focus on driving. Get off the phone as soon as possible so you can pay more attention to the road. 

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Stay on Top of Car Maintenance

So far, we have mostly focused on things we can do to make the driver safer behind the wheel. Now, ask yourself: Is your car as safe as it needs to be? 

Proper car maintenance is important for many reasons, and one of the biggest reasons is that it prevents accidents from happening. For example, if you never take your car to the shop, you might not notice that one of your tires has eroded treads. Next time you take it out for a drive, your tires may cause you to crash into another car. 

To make things worse, you could still be legally liable for the accident. It may have been due to the worn-out tire, but in the eyes of both the law and your insurance company, you are liable for not maintaining the car. As expensive as regular car maintenance can be, it may save you quite a bit in increased insurance premiums! 

Maintain a Safe Distance

Speaking of liability, you are considered liable for an accident in most states if your vehicle crashes into another vehicle. While that sounds pretty straightforward, there is always the risk that the driver ahead of you slams on the brakes. Although you may think they seem dangerous and even reckless, you may be the one who is considered at fault after the accident. 

This is why we encourage drivers to always maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of them. To maintain a safe distance, try to observe the “three-second rule.” Basically, after the car ahead of you passes a certain point, it should take a minimum of three seconds before you pass the same point. 

Consider adding extra time if you are driving in low-visibility conditions. By observing this safe distance rule, you greatly reduce your odds of getting into a car accident! 

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