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Why It Can Be Difficult to Find SR-22 Insurance 

What if you suddenly had trouble finding car insurance?

This happens to many drivers who must file an SR-22 with the state. As soon as that SR-22 is required, drivers may get dropped from their current insurance. After that, they may have difficulty finding new insurance coverage.

But why do drivers have such difficulty getting SR-22 insurance? More importantly, what can they do about it? We’ve got the answers you need!

Why Does a Driver Usually Have to File an SR22?

The most common reason drivers must file an SR-22 is that they were convicted of a DUI or DWI. Drivers may also have to file an SR22 with the state if they have many driving offenses, cause an accident without having insurance, didn’t pay child support, and other reasons as determined by the state.

Aside from not paying child support, all of the other reasons for having to file an SR-22 involve risky driving behaviors. This plays a direct role in why you may have trouble finding car insurance after getting an SR-22.

Why Do Certain Companies Not Offer Car Insurance If You Have an SR-22?

How risky a driver is perceived to be is how car insurance companies set insurance premiums. Once someone has an SR-22 on file, they may be considered too much of a risk for a carrier to insure.

Ultimately, insurance companies are interested in making a profit from their customers. As a result, they set premiums based on different factors, and a major part of that is the person’s driving record. Someone with a history of risky driving is going to have to pay a higher premium.

With the need to file an SR-22, there is state documentation that you are considered a risky driver. Since the SR-22 is most commonly given to drivers with DUI or DWI convictions, an insurance carrier may think you are too much of a risk to insure.

If I Get Car Insurance, Will It Be Expensive?

After getting an SR-22, your insurance premium will become much more expensive. For example, DUI drivers who get an SR-22 pay 89% more than they did before getting the SR-22.

This is due to the same reasons we mentioned before: In the eyes of the insurance company, you are a well-documented risk on the road. Some companies may refuse to insure you altogether. Those who do offer insurance are going to set their prices accordingly.

Fortunately, our guide will walk you through some ways to lower your premium as well as find the most affordable car insurance that is available.

How Long Will I Have to Have the SR22 on File?

The most common length of time the SR-22 is required is three years. In some cases, though, it may be required for as little as one year or as many as five years.

It’s important to check on how long the SR22 will be required. Remember: If you should ever let your insurance lapse, it effectively restarts your SR-22 counter!

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Does the SR-22 Come Off on Its Own?

After enough years have gone by, your SR-22 will not come off on its own. Instead, you must contact your insurance carrier and they will contact the DMV to have it removed.

It’s important to keep track of this because having the SR22 on file is the main reason your insurance premiums are so high. While the premiums may not go back to their pre-SR-22 levels immediately, the sooner you get it removed, the sooner you can start saving money.

Is There Any Way to Lower My Car Insurance Premium?

The best way to lower your car insurance premium after you have an SR-22 is to shop around for different insurance rates. You should also consider changing up your insurance coverage.

Most drivers pay their insurance month-to-month. That means, both before and after getting an SR-22, you can always get quotes from other insurance carriers. This can help you find and select the most affordable rate, and that’s especially important after you have an SR22 on file.

You can also explore different coverage options through different carriers. However, even though the SR-22 only requires you to get the minimum insurance, we recommend you get more than that to help protect you and your car out on the road.

What Car Insurance Discounts Should I Ask About?

You should ask your insurance carrier about discounts such as vehicle safety discounts, anti-theft discounts, and multi-car discounts. You and your vehicle may already qualify for certain discounts.

Every insurance carrier offers special discounts for different things. Some of these you may no longer qualify for after getting the SR-22, including safe driving discounts. However, vehicle safety discounts reward you for safety features in your car (including anti-lock brakes and daytime running lights). A multi-car discount rewards you for having multiple cars on the same policy (great for married couples). The anti-theft discount rewards you for installing certain features ranging from simple VIN etching on your windows to full-on vehicle recovery systems.

Do I Have to Stick With the Same Insurance Carrier?

After you get the SR-22, you may still be able to get insurance through your original carrier. However, you are not obligated to stick with that carrier for your insurance needs.

As we noted before, drivers can save the most money (with or without an SR-22) by shopping around for rates from different insurance companies. Finding the right rate can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars during the time your SR-22 is on file.

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